Mark Sandoval Discusses
Channel Islands Harbor
"Ventura County is a jewel," said Mark Sandoval, and he went on to describe and discuss one of the features that makes that jewel sparkle, the Channel Islands Harbor. Mark has been the Director of the Harbor for a little over a year, and on Monday, August 12, he spoke to members and guests of Ventura Rotary South and shared his passion and vision for his position.
The harbor had its beginnings in 1939 with the construction of Port Hueneme. Since then, it has become an enterprise operation, run like a business, featuring 2,100 boat slips, apartments/condominiums, hotels, and recreational opportunities. The Harbor Department is responsible for patrolling, maintenance, tenant lease management, marketing/events, regular dredging coordination, and development.
It's that last item that Mark concentrated on for the bulk of his presentation, detailing the $80 million in completed construction and the $100+ million planned in additional investment between now and 2026. Current projects underway include the Hyatt Hotel and a restaurant on the old Casa Sirena site, the Peninsula Yacht Marina, and the Bahia Marina. Those will be followed by work on:
  • A new Harbor Department Administration Building
  • Whale's Tale Restaurant
  • Fisherman's Wharf
  • Kiddie Beach Surge Wall
  • Santa Barbara Island Park
Development, of course, is not without its challenges, including entitlements and permits, financing, and the overall lengthy process it entails. With 20 years of experience managing the waterfront in Long Beach, Mark is up to the challenge, and he looks forward to making his vision for Channel Islands Harbor a reality. Thanks, Mark, for a fascinating presentation!