Posted by Marilyn Scott on Aug 06, 2019
Club Assembly Concentrates
On Building Club Strength
Rotary Ventura South conducted a Club Assembly on Monday, August 5. Following is an overview of the information and discussion as an effort to keep all Club members informed. A short PowerPoint presentation served as the basis for the discussion.  The theme is “building Club strength.”
  • One month into the year, the Club has supported two Community Service projects and the first fundraising efforts are in the planning/prep stage. A third Community Services project is this Saturday – we will help fill student backpacks with school supplies at the VUSD offices This Saturday at 9AM.
  • We will induct a new member next Monday and the year’s first Social is being planned.
  • The Club currently has 42 members.The idea is to make this a “building” year.We have two excellent prospective new members in process.The Club has been successful at making the Club more diverse in every category which adds to our strength.
  • The current financial condition of the Club is good. Basic financial information will be regularly shared with the Club members.
  • A major area of effort is now filling the President Elect and the President Elect Nominee positions.
  • Building Club leadership and strength can happen in a number of ways:
  • We are using Co-Chairs as a way of having two members who know that area of service. In some cases, one can mentor the other. Having Co-Chairs also allows one to cover for the other when needed and allow more members to be involved.
  • Building-connections-from-within means that when we have a Community Services project, Club Socials, or fundraisers, we also build in ways to promote the Club by wearing Club shirts and talking to non-member participants, have hand-out material available, find a way to share the different types of membership, etc.
  • We need to aim a little higher for a regular 75 -80% regular attendance.Just as we are to be reaching out to non-members, we need to do the same with our own members.
  • Having good weekly speakers has been one of the keys having good to building membership and regular attendance. We currently looking for three Club members to serve on the Programs Committee.Having more than one member serve allows for more diversity in program types and shares the workload.
  • Efforts have been underway to make the jobs on the Board easier by making the responsibilities more understandable. For example, if you become one of the new Membership Co-Chairs, you can pull up the Club’s website, under Members Only, and find written “how-to” materials. The same is true for Community Services, Treasurer, etc. We will be working this year to cover all areas.
  • Thanks to all who have taken on extra responsibility to support the Club. Keeping promises and timely follow-through are key to any group’s success. If you can’t, then find a replacement and let the President know.This is one of the best ways to build Club strength and leadership.
Discussion by Members – The following contributions were made:
  1. Move the notice for the upcoming weekly meetings to earlier in the week.
  2. Put final touches on the new member process.
  3. Bring back Craft Talks as one way to get to know other Club members.
  4. Continue to approach Club members one-on-one as a recruitment approach to fill positions.
  5. A small committee of Club members is being formed by the President to work on filling the PE and the PEN positions.