Posted by Sandy Warren on Oct 14, 2019
Medical Marijuana -
Separating Fact from Fiction
Max Simon, our speaker on Monday, October 14, wasted no time in coming to the point. "I hate to break it to you, but virtually all you may have believed about marijuana is categorically false." As founder and CEO of Green Flower, Max is committed to educating people about the benefits of a plant that, until quite recently, was considered by many people as a dangerous, mind-altering, and most definitely illegal drug.
Instead, Max is quick to point out the very real medical benefits to marijuana. "It is incredibly effective in treating insomnia, pain, and depression/anxiety," he said. And he pointed out that baby boomers constitute the largest market for medical cannabis. "It's really effective,' said Max.
He explained the difference between CBD and THC, the active ingredients in marijuana. They each have their individual benefits in properly applied doses. In some cases, just one of the two does the trick, such as THC for sleep. When pain is involved, the effectiveness is typically increased by combining THC with CBD.
OK, so you've decided to give it a try - how and where do you start. Max recommends going to a licensed dispensary to ensure quality control of the product you purchase. "The stuff you find in health food stores and convenience stores," he said, "has virtually no regulation as to how it is constituted or marketed. If you go to a dispensary or clinic, however, you run the risk of an impure, or falsely marketed  substance.
Max stressed that his role as head of Green  Flower is to educate. "We don't sell it, we don't grow it, but we do educate people about it. That is our mission. If you'd like more education about the potential benefits of marijuana, visit