Satya Mitra Offers a Wealth of Ideas
On How Rotary Clubs Can Gain Members
On Monday, February 29, members of Rotary Ventura South received a crash course on how to increase Club membership, thanks to an impassioned presentation from Satya Mitra, a member of the Rotary Club of Worcester, Massachusetts. "Rotary needs to have more members," said Satya, "so we can do more good work around the world."
Satya's qualifications for speaking on the subject are indisputable. In a single year as president of his club (which came after he was in the club just four years), he led an increase in membership from 48 to 130 members. Satya is quick to say that he didn't do it alone - "it was my team of current members and I who did it together."
Among the leadership principles that guided him in his term as president, Satya noted these:
  • Be genuinely concerned about those you lead;
  • Sacrifice for the good of the club;
  • Set goals.
"Always be ready to talk about the wonderful activities and benefits of Rotary," said Satya. He himself always carries a club application form that he can give to someone, together with a stamped, pre-addressed envelope in which they can return it. He also encourages Clubs to make themselves "the talk of their town" through active public relations. "Rotary's value is there," said Satya. "We just need to lift it up."
Thank you, Satya, for a most inspiring and informative presentation!