Rotary Ventura South Members Visit
Turning Point Foundation Veterans Housing
Rotary Ventura South Club members went offsite for their regular meeting on Monday, May 23. We visited Turning Point Foundation's Veterans Transitional Housing Program for lunch, a tour of the facility, and presentations by program leaders and veterans who reside at the facility. In the photo above, Housing Director Manuel Minjares addresses the group on the patio.
Established in 1988, Turning Point Foundation provides a variety of shelter, supported housing, and rehabilitation programs for mentally ill adults throughout Ventura County. Their outreach program showed that veterans were 12 percent of the homeless population, and 30 percent of those were suffering from mental illness. They remodeled a building just off Ventura Avenue and welcomed the program's first 10 veterans in October of last year. Since then, they have found permanent housing for six veterans and permanent employment for five.
Turning Point Foundation Director Jason Meek said, "These veterans have given so much to their country -- we want to do all we can to provide the critical services that many of them are in need of."
For more information about Turning Point Foundation, including ways that you can be of help, visit their website at