Posted by Sandy Warren on Nov 20, 2017
Members of Ventura Rotary South
Learn About the Ketogenic Diet
Our speaker at Ventura Rotary South on Monday, November 20, 2017 was Nick Peterson, a physics and calculus teacher at Oxnard High School. Nick related his personal story of a 100-pound weight loss through the Ketogenic Diet, combined with intermittent fasting and calorie restriction. Nick was involved in a serious auto accident earlier this year and "just wasn't recovering" at the pace he wanted. Part of the advice from his doctors was to lose weight.
"The Ketogenic Diet," explained Nick, "involves increasing the intake of healthy fats while drastically lowering carbohydrates." Moderate amounts of protein are also part of the plan, which has some similarities to the Atkins Diet. Nick noted that intermittent fasting was also part of his regimen. Currently, he eats just one meal a day: dinner.
As for daily energy, Nick explained that "the body will find and burn fat, whether it's already on the body or being consumed." The Ketogenic diet, when followed properly, helps the body burn fat more efficiently, said Nick. "And you don't feel hungry in the process," he noted.
As with any diet, of course, one's personal physician should be consulted first, but there's no denying the results that Nick has achieved (and maintained). Thanks for sharing your story with us, Nick!