Posted by Sandy Warren on Nov 28, 2017
Sharon Daly Shares Her Work in Ethiopia
Toward Eradication of Mossy Foot Disease
Among the problems facing people in third-world countries, podoconiosis is perhaps not among those most familiar to others around the globe, but it is nonetheless serious. More commonly known as "mossy foot disease," the ailment is caused by walking barefoot on volcanic soil. A non-infectious type of elephantiasis, it manifests itself as a massive swelling of the feet and legs. It causes great pain and frequently prevents the sufferer from walking, working, and leading a normal life. As a result, many of those afflicted are treated as outcasts and shunned.
Enter Sharon Daly (pictured above), president of the Mossy Foot Project. Founded in 1997 by Doctor Nathan Barlow, the organization applies a holistic approach to the treatment and eradication of podoconiosis and the care of those afflicted. Sharon, a member of the Rotary Club of Ventura East, visited Ventura Rotary South on Monday, November 27, to share her passion for assisting Ethiopians who suffer from the disease.
"Mossy foot is easily preventable," said Sharon, "but many people in the affected areas cannot afford shoes, which leads to their feet becoming infected." She noted that special extra-large shoes can help those in the early stages of the disease and that her organization is involved with the manufacture of such shoes. Additional treatment includes regular washing of the feet and legs, instruction in foot hygiene, and the use of anti-fungal ointment.
Sharon travels to Ethiopia a couple of times each year to work with the 62-person staff in country. We're grateful that she "traveled" to Ventura Rotary South to tell us her story. More information is available at