Posted by Sandy Warren on Aug 28, 2017
Chip Fraser Discussed "It's My Life" Program
To Help Prepare At-Risk Kids for Adulthood
"If you want something, you have to come get it." That was Chip Fraser's opening message to members and guests of Ventura Rotary South at our regular meeting on Monday, August 28. To illustrate the point, he held out a $5 bill for anyone willing to come forward and grab it. "There are seven million students in 1,087 school districts on California," said, Chip, "and thousands of them are at risk for failure as adults if they aren't given the direction they need to make good decisions."
Chip, a recently retired educator, together with his associate Brian Jaramillo, a teacher at Pacific High School in Ventura, have designed a program called "It's My Life" to empower at-risk middle and high school students become happy and successful adults. Based on instruction in critical thinking, the program, Chip explained, acts like something of a compass to provide direction and guidance to students who, for one reason or another, are at risk for dropping out of the formal educational system.
"Public education continues to receive less funding than it needs," said Chip. As a result, many kids with behavioral, family, or other issues are at risk for failure befomre they've really had a chance to succeed, both in school and in life.
"It's My Life," noted Chip, "is designed to keep kids out of the 'JDGI Club' (Just Don't Get It)." Consequences of being in that Club include potentially being homeless, in jail, or suffering from a life-threatening addiction.
"Thomas Jefferson had it right," said Chip, "when he proclaimed that everyone is entitled to the pursuit of happiness."
For more information on It's My Life, visit Thanks, Chip, for introducing us to such a worthwhile and necessary program!