Posted by Sandy Warren on Oct 24, 2017
Health Coach Kathy Murphy Offers Tips
On How to Feel Great and Excel in Life
"Our inside voice is where we get our best guidance," said Kathy Murphy during her presentation to Rotary Ventura South on Monday, October 23. Kathy, a certified Health and Life Coach, combines her love of the ocean and surfing with her passion for living life to the fullest. "The success ladder of life can be on the wrong wall if we don't pursue what really matters," she noted, "and we often need to slow down and take time to reflect on our life to determine what really matters."As part of her presentation, Kathy gave members and guests "seven things to think about":
  1. You are your greatest asset - love yourself.
  2. Live each day in gratitude - what we appreciate, appreciates.
  3. When we connect with what we really want in life, things begin to happen.
  4. Be fully present always. Life is busy, and focus is essential.
  5. Change your thoughts and change your life - choose "awesome."
  6. Slow down to take the needed time to reflect and concentrate on what really matters to you.
  7. Believe in the invisible - in what you haven't yet seen.
Kathy concluded, "Keep showing up for yourself and for others. There are no limits to what we can do if we believe it's possible!" More information can be found on Kathy's website,