Dr. Brant Gerckens Explores the Connection
Between Body Movement and Brain Function
Rotary Ventura South's own Dr. Brant Gerckens took to the podium at our regular meeting on Monday, September 26, to provide some fascinating information about the mind-body connection as it relates to body movement and brain function. Brant, a local Ventura chiropractor, offered up examples of simple movement techniques that can actually enhance one's brain power.
"What we've discovered about the brain in the last 10 years is more than we have learned in the previous 200 years," said Brant. "Part of that knowledge concerns the importance of physical activities that use both sides of the brain." Brant noted that, as opposed to prior popular thinking, the human brain does not stop developing solely on account of age. Rather, it can, if properly stimulated, continue to grow in its abilities. Activities like exercise, working crossword puzzles, and listening to classical music all provide the necessary stimulation for brain development.
Brant led members and guests through a brief series of simple movements and low-impact exercises, each of which involved cross-body techniques that, in turn, stimulate both sides of the brain. For additional information, Brant suggested those interested perform an Internet search for "brain gym". Thanks, Brant, for timely tips to help us feel better and think more effectively!