Erik Nasarenko, District Attorney for the County of Ventura, joined us this week to give us an overview of his current role.
Erik who filled the vacancy of past District Attorney, Gret Totten, carries a new edge to the District Attorney's Office.  In this, he plans on implementing a bevy of new reforms to enhance efficiency and continuity, in concert with a new public-facing information strategy, designed to elevate the standing of his office in aiding the community policing movement.
Erik who oversees a staff of 102 prosecutors and 52 sworn law enforcement, plans on striking a balance of reform rehabilitation and traditional justice.  In his role, he plans to adopt sweeping new policies like "misdemeanor diversion" aimed at lessening recidivism among repeat offenders through intervention, support, and psychiatric care; thus lessening the strain on public resources.
In concert with this, his office has developed a strategy to build community trust through public information visits and partnerships, with organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, to form a greater level of education, transparency, and cooperation with local communities.  Blended with a newly reinforced anti-crime and narcotics unit, to empower communities to thrive and not be entrenched in gang violence. 
"When you take our office and bring it to the community, it builds trust in the community," Erik asserted.
Erik received a J.D. from UC Irvine through night school, while serving on the Los Angeles County School Board.  He is a current member of the Rotary Club of Ventura South and was also good friends with past Rotarian, Guy Frick.
Erik who prides himself on family, joined us after celebrating his mother's 82nd birthday the day before, and is married to his wife Joey, a former teacher, and is a father to two children.