Rotary Ventura South Celebrates
Birthday of the U.S. Coast Guard
Lieutenant Thomas Wieland was our special guest on Monday, August 8, as Rotary Ventura South celebrated the birthday of the U.S. Coast Guard. Tracing its origin to August 4, 1790 when Congress authorized the construction of 10 vessels to enforce tariff and trade laws, the Coast Guard holds the distinction of being the longest continuing seagoing service in the U.S.
Stressing the broad scope of operations and services in which the Coast Guard is involved, Lieutenant Wieland explained, "If there's a need, the Coast Guard fills it." The Coast Guard is involved in missions that range from search and rescue to law enforcement to environmental protection and more.
Lieutenant Wieland entered the Coast Guard Academy in 2003 and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Management. Before assuming his current position as Commanding Officer of U.S. Coast Guard Station Channel Islands Harbor, Lieutenant Wieland served in many capacities, including command officer positions in Boston and deployments to the Middle East and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The Lieutenant's current command area extends from Point Dume to Point Conception, and he is responsible for 25 active duty "Coasties" and 25 reservists. Their daily work includes vessel inspection, maritime rescues, ocean pollution investigation, facilitation of sea-going commerce, and a variety of law enforcement activity.
Thank you, Lieutenant Wieland, for your service to our Country and for a fascinating look at the much-needed work of the U.S. Coast Guard!