Posted by Sandy Warren on Jun 11, 2018
"Better Posture Equals Better Health"
Says Club Member Dr. Brant Gerckens
Our electronic gadgets may be making our lives more efficient and entertaining, but they're not doing us any favors as far as our health is concerned. That was the message that Rotary Ventura South member and local chiropractor Dr. Brant Gerckens brought to the Club at our regular meeting on Monday, June 11. According to Brant, the poor posture that results from people's use of PCs, laptops, and smart phones is leading to a multitude of health problems
As an example, Brant encouraged those in attendance to observe someone texting with a smart phone. "Their neck is bent forward, shoulders are hunched, and they're usually holding the phone too low," he said. "It's better to stand or sit straight and hold the phone higher so that your neck is more relaxed and not needing work so hard to hold up your head."
Brant posed an interesting question to his audience: What is the ergonomically correct way to position and work on a laptop computer? His answer was surprising: there is no correct way. No matter where you place the laptop, you eyes, your neck, or your arms are going to be strained. Brant suggested a remote keyboard and mouse as good places to start so that the screen of the unit can be brought to eye level.
A question regarding stand-up desks came from an audience member: are they good or bad? "In general," said, Brant, "I'm a fan of stand-up desks, although recent studies have shown that they can cause their own health problems if not used properly." He noted that most people tend to stand with locked knees, which can cause foot and back pain.
"Generally speaking," said Brant, "no matter what you're doing - standing, sitting or walking - better posture results in better health." Turns out Mom was right when she told you to "sit up straight." Thanks, Brant, for the timely tips!