Posted by Sandy Warren on Oct 10, 2018
Rotary Global Grant Aims to Assist
Young Women in Zambia
For most adolescent girls aged in Zambia, life is, at best, uncertain as to their future as adults. For many, it is downright tragic as they are either forced into marriage as young as 13, or sold into the sex trade. Couple that with the fact that only a small percentage of Zambian children have access to education beyond primary school, and you have a very desperate situation.
A number of Rotary Clubs in diverse locations around the world are working to improve the lives of as many young girls as possible. Our speaker on Monday, October 8 was George Poulakas of Ventura Downtown Rotary, one of those Clubs. George has been working with people in Zambia for 11 years, most recently in the administration of a global grant to support the Lushomo Trust and the Grace Centre in Kazungula, a small border town in Zambia, near the city of Livingstone.
"The Grace Centre," said George, "is a place where young women can come and learn ways to make a living through tailoring, computer work, or food service." He noted that one of the biggest challenges facing young Zambia women is the inability to make a living for themselves, and this program aims to change that.
George explained that the global grant is currently about $18,000 short of its $141,600 goal. "We're hoping to expand the project into other Zambian cities," he said, "and make this program a model for others to follow." Additional information on the Grace Centre's mission and activities is available at or by contacting George at