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Past President Bon Wakam, Dr Irene Wakam, President Nkosi Khumalo and Hugette Peters-Khumalo 
Right picture - "First Ladies" - Hugette Peters-Khumalo and Carole Pollock. 
President Nkosi Khumalo 2021-2022, Rotary District 5240 Governor, 2022-23 Scott Phillips, President Elect Jack Pollock and Past DG Wade Namura.
Left to Right: Bon Wakam Rotary Past President, Seniors: Olivia Escobedo, William MacNeil, Maria Bernal, Jessica Sanchez, Dennis Longwill Rotary Past President and Jack Pollock Rotary President 2022-2023.
Left to Right: Bon Wakam Rotary Past President, Seniors: Juerta Pirraci, Iliana Macias, Ryan Palmisano, Jesus Alvarez Flores, Taylor Denger and Tony Sulieman Rotary Board member.
Rotary Club of Ventura South members with the Ventura High School Scholarship recipients 2022 graduates "big check"!
New Member induction - Shannon Muschaweck 05/23/2022
It with great pleasure and honor to induct Shannon Muschaweck, the General Manager of the Tower Club in Oxnard CA (WedgewoodWeddings.com) as the our Rotary Club of Ventura South new member 44.
In the picture from left to right... Nkosi Khumalo Club President 2022, Shannon Muschaweck and her Sponsor and Past President John Zaruka. 
05/16... Our club hosted St Bonaventure School Interact Club Bake Sale... we raised $3,070 today during our lunch, thanks to the members present and those that bought the goodies in absentia. 
This is their annual big fundraiser and some of the proceeds are going towards their "Rise Against hunger Project" they doing tomorrow. Thanks to Past President Dennis Longwill for chairing the club meeting and running the auction. 
Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinkos discussed building a winning business.  Paul who credits his success to motivating employees, taking care of customers and balancing the budget grew his business with commonsense and foresight from a single branch in Isla Vista to a multinational business.  With $2 billion in sales and more than 1,200 locations, with 23,000 employees in 10 different countries, Paul was named the best company to work for three years in a row by Fortune Magazine.  In 2004, he sold the company to FedEx who renamed FedEx Kinkos and now FedEx Office.  Despite everything, Paul credits success in life having a good family, and raising children.  We are pleased to have him as a guest speaker at our Rotary.
4/4/22 - Rick Weber, President, and CEO of CBC Federal Credit Union came to speak today on the vision and future of CBC.  Rick who is originally from Colorado, has spent 20 years in the private banking sector and has grown an affinity and specialty in Credit Unions.  He was recently appointed CEO of CBC Credit Union after serving as the CFO.  Rick who has been in charge of all aspects of banking from the ground up, has been the impetus for a massive expansion of CBC throughout Ventura County and brought together multiple partnerships aiming to bring a customer service edge to credit lending and the banking sector.  His most recent partnership is with Dunkin' Donuts which will be working together with CBC in providing an added atmosphere and energy to walk-in customers by having fresh breakfast coffee and other sweet treats.
4/13/22 Lindsay Nielon spoke about his past experience as a prisoner in a Philippine prison camp.  Lindsay who was only three at the time remarked jokingly, "I was happy to get that out of the way earlier in my life because some people at the end of their life end up in prison."  Lindsay who still maintained a sense of humor passed photographs and recounted his storied life that started during a three-year Japanese occupation in the Philipines, where he and his parents struggled to survive under dire conditions.  After the war, Lindsay also served in a number of ventures including serving as an attorney, in real estate, and for the Ventura County Courts.  We were pleased to have him join us this Monday!
03/28/2022 - Wade Nomura, past Rotary District Governor and Technical Coordinator of Cadres in Water and Sanitation Worldwide, spoke recently to discuss rotary and promote his new book Creating Destiny.  Wade is the only Technical Coordinator in North America and has a staggered three-year term, coordinating 1,100 projects globally.  His key responsibilities include ensuring grant models are efficient and addressing key concerns.  Wade also sits on the Carpinteria City Council and is the owner of Nomura/Yamasaki Landscapes, Inc.  
Picture from L to R... President Elect Jack Pollock, Debbie Nomura, Wade Nomura and President NK Khumalo
Paul Van Acker, Senior VP of Financial Planning at Van Acker Financial Group, part of UBS, gave insight on market trends and how to weather financial downturns.  Paul spoke about historical expansions and contractions in the market, buying opportunities and wealth accumulation.  He also discussed wealth management strategies including, IRAs and wealth transfers.  We are pleased to have Paul as a partner to our Club.

Rotary Club of Ventura South distributes dictionaries to third-grade students - 02/25/2022

The Rotary Dictionary Project is a nationwide effort to provide young students with their own personal dictionaries. Members of the Ventura South Rotary Club distributed the dictionaries to students at Patola Elementary School and Junipero Serra Elementary School.

Many of the children who received dictionaries come from homes where English is a second language and may not have access to a lot of resources.

Past President Bon Wakam and his wife Dr Irene Wakam distributed well over 250 dictionaries and they say seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they learn the book is theirs to keep makes the project worthwhile.

Members of the St. Bonaventure Interact Club came to visit and talk about their involvement.  They discussed their participation in the community and future college prospects.
Also, Samah Yasin, the Marketing and Fund Development Manager for the Turning Point Foundation was inducted as a new member of Ventura Rotary South.
The CEO of The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura Patti Birmingham was our club Guest Speaker on Monday 7th February 2022 at The Tower Club and the Foundation Board presented her a $4,000 check donation. 
In the picture are Rotary Club Foundation Board members - Jackie Sanchez, Lee Gibson, Miriam Estrada, Ed Keay, Patti Birmingham CEO and Peter McClintock Director of Resource Development at the Boys & Girls Club of Ventura.
We packed 10,000 meals in 90 minutes destined for Guatemala - Rise Against Hunger project … even though we had to move inside when it started drizzling.
We had awesome financial and manpower support from the Lions Club (came out in large numbers), East Rotary Club, Downtown Rotary Club, Rotaract club and Oaks Christian School Interact Club.
Thank you so much to the 45 Volunteers!
Susan Noone, Regional Director for Vitalant, spoke at our Rotary Monday.  Susan spoke on Vitalant's various delivery methods and Vitalant's ability to adapt and continue distribution during Covid.  Susan has a diverse background in the blood industry has been active in California state-level professional organizations for several years and has served on the boards and as President of two California-based professional organizations, Blood Centers of California and California Blood Bank Society. She is currently serving a second term as President of Blood Centers of California. On a national level, she serves in several capacities for the Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies (AABB), currently as a member of AABB’s Transfusion Medicine Subsection Coordinating Committee and the Blood Bank and Transfusion Services Standards Committee and as a mentor for AABB’s Mentorship Program. Susan has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s in Public Health. She is certified as a Quality Auditor by the American Society for Quality.
State Farm Port Hueneme visit - Tony Suleiman office .
We visited Tony Suleiman's insurance agency in Port Hueneme.  Tony who has owned his agency for the past six years discussed some of the benefits of having a trusted agent and also State Farm's role in helping the local community.  Tony also serves as the Program Chair for the Rotary and helps set up different speakers throughout the year.  
Past President Dante Honorico, Alan Kosh, Stacy Zaruka (PEN) and Past Rotary President Bob Davis, who serves as a Loan Consultant at Loan Depot in Westlake, invited Rotarians to his headquarters earlier this month.  Bob who has served in the financial industry for several years, spoke on the changes in the mortgage industry and about his position in giving back to the community.  Bob who serves on the board of The Turning Point Foundation, has also been an advocate of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura and various other nonprofits in the community.  Bob has a heart for elevating those around him and building a strong community. 
Dhruv Pandya, Senior Manager of IT Security at J.D. Power with President Nkosi Khumalo. Dhruv spoke at our Rotary lunch meeting this Monday 11/08/2021.  Dhruv who is a close friend of many Rotarians discussed the innovations and challenges of data intelligence and how the industry is staying ahead.  Dhruv holds a Bachelors's in Computer Engineering and Masters's in Computer Science. He is also a philanthropic steward of the community, giving back through his expertise to organizations like the Turning Point Foundation and Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura.
Sheriff Bill Ayub came and spoke today to discuss the size, scope, and work of the Ventura County Sherriff Department.  The department covers as far south to Thousand Oaks and as far north as many of the unincorporated areas of the Topa Topa mountains.  He touched on local partnerships with the local fire department, including their procurement of two Black Hawk Helicopters ushered into fire service.  Finally, he discussed the growing drug and Fentanyl problems affecting youth and their partnerships with local community organizations like the Boys & Girls Club and Casa Pacifica, who help with drug prevention and mentoring at-risk young people. 
Rosanna Colin, VP and Branch Manager at First Bank, hosted our latest Rotary social.  The event took place at 5:30 pm on Tues. at their Victoria location and was accompanied by wine and some amazing cuisine from Luna Grill.  The evening was a great opportunity to interact with some of our Rotary members, while also learning about the history of First Bank.
Rosanna was an incredible host, and we hope to do it again soon!
Monday served as a heartfelt tribute to Guy Frick, past President and longtime fixture at the Rotary Club of Ventura South.
Guy passed away this year, but you would never know it with the spirit he still brings to Rotary.  The "Frickin Years Celebration" was filled with singing, tributes to the Guy and his life, and notable guests such as District Attorney, Erick Nasaranko.
Guy, who was a District Attorney in Ventura, gained notoriety in the Club for his quick wit and lyrical talent, crafting familiar show tunes with lyrical twists that told stories about Rotary and its members.
Guy's family was in attendance during the event and concluded the lunch.  We are so grateful to have been touched by such a beautiful spirit who still can be felt at Rotary of Ventura South.
District Governor Dana Moldavon visited the Club Monday to give an overview of the current and future direction of Rotary District 5240.  The District which stretches as far north as Atascadero and as far south as Kern County is undergoing a revamp in many areas and Dana is leading the charge.
Through her efforts, Dana hopes to increase impact and expand Rotary's reach through partnerships in the community with local organizations and through bringing in volunteers inside and outside of the organization. She also plans to accomplish initiatives ranging from protecting coastal and marine resources to addressing education and literacy.
We are very pleased to have her leading the forefront of Rotary in our District.
Sixteen Years Old, $1.7 Million in Revenue: Max Hits It Big as a Pandemic Reseller A tech-savvy teen exploits the supercharged resale market for scarce goods.

For many videogame enthusiasts, the console shortage of 2020-21 has been a major drag. For high-school junior Max Hayden, it’s been a bonanza.

He has bought and resold dozens of the newest PlayStation and Xbox machines for as much as $1,100—more than double their $500 sticker prices. 

By doing the same with a selection of goods made scarce in the pandemic, such as patio heaters and Pokémon trading cards, Max ended last year with a profit of more than $110,000 on $1.7 million in revenue, according to the 16-year-old’s sales records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. He expects to do even better this year as game consoles and other products remain elusive.

“Some people call this retail arbitrage,” said Max, of Hopewell Township, in central New Jersey. “I wrote an essay for school on the topic.” 

The health crisis has triggered shortages of everything from ketchup packets to hot tubsdisrupting entire industries and frustrating consumers. It’s also supercharged the resale market, creating opportunities for Max and others to make a killing by flipping scarce items for big profits on AmazonFacebook and other online markets. 

The reseller community has even become its own subindustry, with entrepreneurs—including other teenagers and young adults—paying for membership in online groups that offer tips.

Reselling nonessential goods in most cases is legal, though retailers generally frown upon it as it can create friction with consumers. Hate mail and trolling from shoppers angry about the marked-up prices comes with the territory. Max’s father, whose name is also Max Hayden, said he was initially uncomfortable with his son’s business success because he benefited from a situation created by the health crisis. But he concluded that it was permissible because his son only resells luxury goods, not necessities.

Heidi Whitcomb came and spoke about her event business Ventura Rental Party and Events.  Heidi's company which is one of the largest event services groups in the County discussed how they were able to overcome some of the disruptions in the event industry during COVID.
Through the transition, their company was able to partner with major brands and help with crating of PPP supplies.  They also partnered with Lionsgate Productions and the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch in northern California.
Heidi sits on the board of CASA Pacifica and continues to stay active in her community while also running a sustainable farm at home with her husband.
Carlos Cohen, former principal of Ventura High School with over 2,000 students and incoming principal of De Anza Data Middle School, spoke about his time running a high school program during Covid-19 times. 
During his tenure, Principal Cohen oversaw 125 staff members who helped lead instruction at Ventura High.  Mr. Cohen discussed new programs like their career innovation and Da Vinci Technology initiatives, while also touching on new developments in their theater, athletic and academic programs.
Mr. Cohen a former U.S. Marine, who brings a hard-driving spirit and eye for innovation to every new endeavor, aims to continue his forward-thinking mindset to his next assignment.
Dani Moss spoke on the challenges of being a public defender in Sanoma Couty.  Dani who works for the District Attorney's office spoke on the importance of public service, while also discussing some of the gaps needed to be overcome in the system.
Dani discussed the importance of building client relationships and how during COVID thas presented unique difficulties, especially with health restrictions in local jails.  With limited resources allocated to the DA's office, Dani has over 30 cases a year and continues to devote his life to public service.
Jack Pollock, Rotary President-Elect Nominee, reported out on the 2021 Community Assessment.
Of the topics discussed, were areas of most need in the City and County of Ventura.  Attention was paid to rising trends of economic growth within the County, an underdeveloped nonprofit sector, rising levels of poverty, lack of preschool care for underprivileged families, an influx of non-native English speakers, and dramatic upticks in teen depression and suicide.
Jack also highlighted nonprofits in the area making sizeable progress in the community that the Rotary of Ventura South would like to support or partner with going forward, including, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura, the Arc of Ventura County, the Westside Community Council, and School on Wheels, to name a few.
Jack, a native of Ohio, attended Bowling Green State University, where he completed a degree in finance.  After school, he held various executive positions in several companies, most notably, General Electric, where he headed international operations. 
Jack spent the majority of his time in the midwest during his corporate tenure, but moved out to Ventura with his wife, Carol, to be closer to his family. 
Outside of Rotary Jack can be found serving as a flight instructor at Camarillo Airport or spending time with grandkids.  We are pleased to have him a part of our team and Rotary family.
Erik Nasarenko, District Attorney for the County of Ventura, joined us this week to give us an overview of his current role.
Erik who filled the vacancy of past District Attorney, Gret Totten, carries a new edge to the District Attorney's Office.  In this, he plans on implementing a bevy of new reforms to enhance efficiency and continuity, in concert with a new public-facing information strategy, designed to elevate the standing of his office in aiding the community policing movement.
Erik who oversees a staff of 102 prosecutors and 52 sworn law enforcement, plans on striking a balance of reform rehabilitation and traditional justice.  In his role, he plans to adopt sweeping new policies like "misdemeanor diversion" aimed at lessening recidivism among repeat offenders through intervention, support, and psychiatric care; thus lessening the strain on public resources.
In concert with this, his office has developed a strategy to build community trust through public information visits and partnerships, with organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, to form a greater level of education, transparency, and cooperation with local communities.  Blended with a newly reinforced anti-crime and narcotics unit, to empower communities to thrive and not be entrenched in gang violence. 
"When you take our office and bring it to the community, it builds trust in the community," Erik asserted.
Erik received a J.D. from UC Irvine through night school, while serving on the Los Angeles County School Board.  He is a current member of the Rotary Club of Ventura South and was also good friends with past Rotarian, Guy Frick.
Erik who prides himself on family, joined us after celebrating his mother's 82nd birthday the day before, and is married to his wife Joey, a former teacher, and is a father to two children.
Stacy Brown represented Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MAAD) this past week.
MAAD focuses its resources on lobbying to support new legislation aimed to curb underage drinking and drunk driving fatalities, while also pushing initiatives aimed at educating parents and teens.
Stacy mentioned that the movement is not meant to prohibit alcohol consumption, but instead to encourage a more responsible approach to alcohol use.
Drunk driving is the number one driver of substance abuse fatalities in the U.S., accounting for over 4,300 deaths. 
Ms. Brown is a former attorney and also coaches screenwriting.  She rings a layered dynamic to the movement and aims to continue to help mothers within the U.S.
Todd Mitchell, Operations Manager for the Ventura Port District, gave an overview of current port dredging and capital projects. 
Todd oversees 274 acres of Harbour Village and master tenants and supervises the removal of debris and sentiment from the channel.  In his overview, he spoke to how the dredging process helps keep the channel clear and also replaces much-needed sand and habitat near Spinnaker beach.  He also works with the Naval Corps of Engineers and advocates with the district for adequate funding resources from the Federal Government to ensure projects continue.
In addition to dredging projects, he works to ensure harbor facilities continue to support one of the largest commercial fishing ports in the state.
Todd was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and is married to his wife Heather.
Local business leader and International Entrepreneur, Nkosi Khumalo ("NK"), and President-Elect for Rotary Club of Ventura South, spoke on his vision for 2021 - 2022 after successfully completing PETS, Rotary's President-Elect Training Seminar.  NK plans to bring a fresh perspective and elevate Rotary South Club to the forefront of community engagement with his main focus for the year being 1) Youth 2) Education & 3) Entrepreneurship in high schools. 
A business owner and International entrepreneur (Canada and South Africa) who has successfully started up and ran successful businesses for the past 22 years. His accomplishments span the fields of Mergers and Acquisitions, Investment Banking as well as starting and growing an IT company from 7 employees to over 340 employees and selling to a public company.

In California he has done 6 acquisitions in the same delivery space and have created the largest courier services company on the Central Coast focusing on medical deliveries with over 72 drivers on the road.
NK will bring his enthusiasm, high energy, entrepreneurship skills in helping our Rotary club raise the $20,000 for high school scholarships target for this year. 
The President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) which serves as a leadership training ground for incoming Rotary Presidents took place on Zoom platform for two days due to Covid.  Of the Clubs across the country, 455 individuals were in attendance.
NK also discussed his future roadmap for 2021, which included: increasing membership; creating an environment for more flexible meeting attendance; introducing hybrid meetings; engaging high-level speakers; accelerating collaboration between the 3 Ventura Clubs; expanding corporate partnerships; and increasing scholarship opportunities with Ventura High School and Saint Bonaventure High School.
We are excited to see his term come into effect this July 2021 to June 2022. 
Club Members Fill Backpacks
For Students in Need
On Saturday, August 9, Members from Rotary Ventura South participated in the annual Student Backpack Project, together with members from other area service clubs. The volunteers gathered outdoors at Neighborhood Car Care Center in Ventura to fill backpacks with schools supplies for students in need throughout Ventura.
Participants from Rotary Ventura South included Bob Braitman, Nkosi Khumalo (and his wife Hugette, son Siso, and daughter Mbali), Jack and Carol Pollock, Marilyn Scott, Melody Thurman, and Stacy and Linda Zaruka.
Check out the photo album here.
Construction Begins on Ronald McDonald
Family Room at Ventura County Medical Center
Rotary Ventura South, together with Rotary Clubs from around the County, has been helping to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Ventura County Medical Center. We have participated in the 2019 Walk-a-Thon and this year's virtual event in April.
Once constructed, the room will provide a space for family members to visit and interact with children who are undergoing treatment for a variety of illnesses at the facility.
According to Adam McCormack, Director of Development for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California, construction has begin. "Even at this stage," said Adam, you can see how big and bright these Family Room spaces are going to be!
For additional views of the construction work, visit the Photo Album here.
Three Ventura South Club Members
Add to Their Paul Harris Fellowships
At our regular meeting on Monday, January 6, three members of Ventura Rotary South were recognized for adding to their Paul Harris Fellowships. Pictured above are (l to r) Don MacDonald, Bob Keating, and Diane Keay. Don and Bob each received pins for their second Paul Harris Fellowship, and Diane received a pin for her third.
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation. The number of Paul Harris Fellows reached the one million mark in 2006.
Congratulations and thank you to Don, Bob, and Diane on your achievement!